Mortgage Arrears Counselling


We are the leading service provider of mortgage arrears counselling and related field services to the UK’s major mortgage lenders.

Our goal is to assist lenders to manage their mortgage arrears and also recover funds. Our nationwide network of Field Agents ensures that all customers are accessible.

Under instructions from lenders, we visit customers in their home and discuss the reasons for their mortgage arrears and the most effective way to clear the arrears. We seek long-term solutions intended to retain goodwill and yet ensure customers meet their payment commitments.

Our detailed reports contain up to date information about the customers, as well as the present occupancy, condition and likely value of the security property.

We are acutely aware that at all stages throughout this process, we are the personal face of our client’s organisation. We ensure that every NCI Field Agent is comprehensively trained and fully understands the sensitivities of the services we provide on behalf of mortgage lenders.

We are committed to the highest level of quality and performance. We offer:


  • a nationwide network of field agents, one of the largest in the UK
  • efficient and rapid instruction management
  • direct and structured contact with customers
  • an automated process from initial instruction through to the field agent and back to clients on completion
  • real-time status tracking
  • comprehensive periodic reporting

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