Occupancy Verification


We are able to establish who is living at a nominated or security address in the event of a lender suspecting that the customer has vacated the property. We can quickly provide information about any property that has been abandoned, lies empty, or is subject to unauthorised tenants.

If tenants are identified, as much information as possible is obtained about their arrangements together with details of the legal owners who have secured the property against the loan.

The occupancy report also provides details of the condition of the property and its potential market price. Details of a comparable property will also be obtained where possible in order to give an idea of the marketability of the security address. Neighbourhood enquiries will also be undertaken if necessary to trace the property owners.

If a lender suspects that the customer has vacated the property, we can supply:


  • notification / confirmation that the property has been abandoned or lies empty
  • information on the current occupancy
  • a report on the condition of the property and likely market price
  • details of comparable properties

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