Pre-Completion Checks


NCI provides a comprehensive data checking and collection service on behalf of finance brokers, lenders and solicitors to improve the return rate of mortgage applications and contracts.

There is an emphasis on fraud prevention and risk reduction as nci enquires about the verification and availability of the borrower’s deposits in the event of a loan assisting a purchase; and consideration and checking of the plausibility and feasibility of the proposed exit, especially for a short term loan.

We arrange for a member of our national field force to make an appointment to visit a loan or mortgage applicant to ensure they have signed the relevant papers, populated the forms correctly and included any required documents. We check identity of the applicant and provide proof of this, which saves clients from having to chase signatures or other documentation. NCI will supply everything our clients need.

We are not permitted to give any kind of mortgage advice and we always refer applicants to the broker or lender as appropriate. We are fully compliant with the Financial Services Act and give extensive training to our agents to ensure that they remain compliant at all times.

Our comprehensive checking service includes:


  • ensuring mortgage applicants supply all the relevant information
  • enabling the reduction of administration
  • helping to speed up the loan completion process

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