Finance Professional Show 2019

Earlier this month at the Finance Professional Show 2019 in Olympia London, Bridging & Commercial Magazine and bridging lender TABLDN teamed up to host an all-day podcast with key lenders, brokers and developers in the specialist...

Annual Partnership Awards 2019

We are thrilled and proud to have received an award this year at the Annual Partnership Awards 2019 in the category FIBA Professional Partner of the Year – Highly Commended. “FIBA are delighted to work with nci Resources as a Professional Partner, where they are...

The Evolution of NCI – James Green

I have worked at nci for 17 years, as a business we have just entered our 22nd year of trading and it is fair to say I have grown up with the company. I recall my interview, my computer skills were put to the test - confirmation that I knew how to use the Tab key on...

In-depth Customer Knowledge

At NCI, getting to know and understand our client’s customer is our main goal. After all, our field agency service was created for this exact reason, to meet face to face with those customers our clients cannot reach. For many, these loans are second nature and their...

Why would you need field services?

Referring to an article written by our CEO Adrian Bloomfield, “Lenders have found that it is vital to meet applicants to verify identity and to check the crucial details and unequivocal proof of deposit.” At NCI Resources Limited, over the years we have seen how...

Feedback – How NCI aids the lending process

Our number one priority at NCI is the satisfaction of our Clients. We aim to ensure we aid our Clients in the prevention of fraud through face to face identification, complete identity checks in a timely manner and offer further checks when necessary, such as follow...

NCI Resources Ltd

Short Term Loan
Application Review

We offer 3 tiers of reporting; pre-completion, interim and pre-exit.
Our rapid response times particularly suit the short term market.

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Why Choose Us?

Market Leading Expertise


We are the market leader at providing pre & post completion reports to the short term (bridging) loan industry.

With an impressive Client list of over 20 short term lenders (including many ASTL members) we have become a vital element in the underwriting process for our Clients, many of whom will not lend without an nci report.

We offer 3 tiers of reporting; pre-completion, interim and pre-exit. Our rapid response times are particularly suited to the short term market.

How This Can Help You

Our services supplement the in-house underwriting and due diligence process of our Clients when issues with location and/or logistics prevent visits being undertaken by their own teams.

Clients can be confident in the knowledge that their applicants have been formally met and identified and have understood the application.


Provide comprehensive reports to complement your underwriting/due diligence process.


Arrange the visit within 24 hours of receiving the request and report the next working day .


Help with compliance to assist with fraud prevention and risk reduction .


Produce meaningful reports specifically tailored to your  requirements.

FIBA are delighted to work with nci Resources as a Professional Partner, where they are thorough in their approach, offer excellent customer service to our members and underpin a wide range of transactions across the sector. They are thoroughly deserving of the FIBA Professional Partner award and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Financial Intermediary & Broker Association

Professional Partner of the Year Award 2019: Highly Commended