Finance Professional Show 2019

Earlier this month at the Finance Professional Show 2019 in Olympia London, Bridging & Commercial Magazine and bridging lender TABLDN teamed up to host an all-day podcast with key lenders, brokers and developers in the specialist...

Annual Partnership Awards 2019

We are thrilled and proud to have received an award this year at the Annual Partnership Awards 2019 in the category FIBA Professional Partner of the Year – Highly Commended. “FIBA are delighted to work with nci Resources as a Professional Partner, where they are...

In-depth Customer Knowledge

At NCI, getting to know and understand our client’s customer is our main goal. After all, our field agency service was created for this exact reason, to meet face to face with those customers our clients cannot reach. For many, these loans are second nature and their...

Why would you need field services?

Referring to an article written by our CEO Adrian Bloomfield, “Lenders have found that it is vital to meet applicants to verify identity and to check the crucial details and unequivocal proof of deposit.” At NCI Resources Limited, over the years we have seen how...

Feedback – How NCI aids the lending process

Our number one priority at NCI is the satisfaction of our Clients. We aim to ensure we aid our Clients in the prevention of fraud through face to face identification, complete identity checks in a timely manner and offer further checks when necessary, such as follow...

The Evolution of NCI – James Green

I have worked at nci for 17 years, as a business we have just entered our 22nd year of trading and it is fair to say I have grown up with the company.

I recall my interview, my computer skills were put to the test – confirmation that I knew how to use the Tab key on the keyboard, the scroll wheel on the mouse and work the fax machine. I don’t think that was what bagged me the job, I’d like to think I was offered the position due to the strength of my shiny red Record of Achievement book containing all of my academic achievements. I remember during the interview with the General Manager at the time he said that NCI wanted to be at the forefront of technology and that they were leaders in the industry. He excitedly spoke about the imminent launch of “Agent Nemesys” a completely transparent portal allowing the Field Agents to report via the internet in “real time”. He joked to me that once it was up and running, he could visualise only having to employ two or three staff to keep the computers on! I remember thinking that I’d stick around as long as I was needed, and perhaps build some skills using this as a stepping stone to greater things.

Within a couple of months, I’d moved into the Trace department helping clients locate absconders for unpaid credit cards, car loans and the occasional business debt. We were a unique team, away from the ever growing operation. It seemed that I had joined NCI at a time where the Mortgage Arrears Counselling (as it was known back then) had exploded. Agent Nemesys had been launched and was fully operational. However, it was quickly evident that having such a unique and modern system meant that NCI attracted high volumes and then bespoke requests from Lenders that wanted things done “their way”. Instead of having a couple of staff to keep the computers on, there were several teams of people dealing with specialist lenders and clients.

This was the way things were for some time. We were experts at providing a service and became accustomed to dealing with tens of thousands of cases a month. With a large team and a good spread of products we diversified. We started to appear in court for Possession Hearings, we effected service of Court Orders and gathered information from Local Councils during the days of the Home Information Pack. All of these services were undertaken by our huge national field force of highly trained Field Agents.

After a few more years I was promoted to Team Leader. Running the Pre-Legal Services team. We were a specialist team of people that undertook the tracing, process serving and all manner of bespoke instructions from high value asset searches, property visits and huge large scale projects such as work in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics.

Throughout the usual boom and bust cycle of the economy we hung on. Through changes in regulation, legal procedural rules and data security we were always able to adapt and evolve.
In what was our 21st year of trading we went through massive changes and a total restructure. The decision was taken to withdraw from the Arrears Mediation market stepping away from the core product and service that had been our main staple for the last two decades.

The focus now firmly on the new nci. The Future. I am now an Account Manager, looking after every aspect of a clients needs. Dealing directly with the reporting requirements and making sure that what is required is provided.

We are now more than ever, a unique bespoke service provider fully focused on delivering the best possible service to each and every one of our clients. It is essential to us that every client, customer and contact gets the best possible service and the highest quality reports. I am proud to be at the forefront of this new evolution of nci.

We are determined to be the market leader providing pre & post completion reports to the short term (bridging) loan industry. With an impressive client list of over 20 short term lenders, many of whom will not lend without an nci report. With each and every instruction we strive to provide a service that not only meets our clients’ needs but often goes above and beyond.

It doesn’t just stop there, please review our website, follow us on linkedin and see what we can do for you.