Unsecured Lending Services


We provide an expert counselling service for lenders of unsecured loans, providing personal visits to customers who are in arrears on payments and are unresponsive to letters and phone calls.

Within a day or two of receiving the initial instruction, we contact the customer to arrange an appointment for a personal visit at home or at their business premises anywhere in the UK to help gain an insight into their personal circumstances. These visits are arranged in the customers’ home or business premises, which not only provides a convenient environment for the customer, but also enables us to gain additional and verified information for reaching a satisfactory solution for both the customer and lender.

Our Field Agents interview the customer to help understand why they have defaulted on payments and how best to recover the outstanding debt. We then provide recommendations to our client on the most suitable option for payment and/or recovery of the outstanding debt – whether this is working out a repayment plan with the customer or recognising that legal action is likely to be the best course to recover the outstanding monies.

Often customers are intimidated by their own financial circumstances and feel unable to discuss problems with their creditors. Using the NCI national field force, lender clients are able to achieve a home based information gathering – debt counselling service for all customers anywhere throughout the UK.

We are fully automated and can receive instructions and provide updates and reports online.

We act for many unsecured lenders – carrying out their instructions regarding their customers and their accounts.

Our unsecured customer services include:

  • unsecured debt counselling
  • re-payment/settlement negotiation
  • occupancy verification
  • tracing
  • process serving

To learn more about our Unsecured Lending Services

Call 01329 826655 or drop us a line at info@nciuk.com